Docks & Roofs

Stationary Dock Construction

The single most important aspect of dock construction is the installation of the pilings. This is where we really excel. We understand that it is both an art and a science. Before we start each dock we visit the site and determine the important factors which affect proper piling installation such as water depth, characteristics of the waterway bottom, amount of potential piling penetration and more. We use the proper equipment to install pilings correctly, ensuring maximum stability of the dock. We know how to drive a piling and keep it straight. All of your dock pilings will line up neatly and give your dock a clean appearance.

For the framework we use the strongest rough-sawn lumber available in the industry.  Our wood decking is premium grade with high strength, to present an exceptional appearance, and reduced splintering. We use stainless steel screws and fasteners to attach the decking and framework. Screws hold decking better than nails and prevent the lifting and twisting of deck boards.